1. How Do I Apply for a Apartment?

When you have found a Apartment for rent in Hollywood or Koreatown that you would like to apply for, make sure you take note of the street address and then click here to apply online.

2. How do I pay rent for Apartment?

Rent rates are set within the lease, also because the due date and how the rent are going to be processed by the owner. As soon as you sign the lease, you’ve legally agreed to the terms, so make sure you fully understand the document before you sign. The way you pay your rent varies depending on the landlord’s preferences. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending a check in the mail. But some landlords support online payments or can set up automatic withdrawals so you don’t need to remember the due date. Make sure to reference your lease or ask your landlord how they like to receive rent before it comes due.

3. Where are Hometown/Apartment available?

We have New Construction Hometown/Apartment for rent in the Hollywood & Koreatown. This gives you plenty of options.

4. Are your Hometown pet friendly?

Most of our Hometown are pet friendly. If you have pets, an additional deposit may require. We may not allow certain types of dogs that may have violent tendencies if mixed with other dogs. Owners reserve the right to deny any dog, so speak with your leasing agent prior to applying. There may be a limit to the number of pets allowed.

5. How long will it take to process my application?

There are two steps in the application process. The first step is the online application that allows us to verify background, rental history and credit. This usually takes no more than one business day to see results. The second step is the signing of the lease offer. To expedite this process.

6. Where is my parking space?

Out mostly Hometown or apartment comes with reserve parking spot, and in many situations, a parking spot will be an additional monthly fee. . Be sure to ask during your apartment walk-through how parking works. Please see the details in the individual listing for any parking space.

7. Who is responsible for the utilities?

Generally, you are responsible for the utilities in the Apartment you lease.

8. What do I need to pay before I move in?

One month of rent, the security deposit, pet deposit if applicable, and any short term lease fees (if applicable).

9. What happens when I don’t pay rent on time?

Always be sure to communicate with your landlord. Telling them that your rent is coming late might be a bit embarrassing, but it’s much better than sending a check that will bounce or just not paying the rent at all. Keep in mind that if you don’t pay rent on time continuously, the landlord has the right to issue an eviction notice.

10. Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

Confirm with the owner who is liable for. “Many of the calls we get from tenants involve disagreements over who pays for things like repairs to appliances, the cost of utilities, the cost for light bulbs, and regular maintenance of the property.” You also got to know exactly what appliances and fixtures the owner must maintain. “If the lease doesn’t specify who are going to be liable for repairing the AC, don’t assume the owner will need to roll in the hay . If something isn't laid out in the lease or covered by landlord/tenant laws, it’s difficult to force a landlord to repair it.”