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What should Property Managers do on a Weekly Basis – What we do at ST Living

Property Managers do on a Weekly Basis - STLiving

1. As a good property management company, we take the time every week to personally inspect each of our properties to ensure they are being well-maintained and to identify any issues that need to be addressed. This allows me to proactively address any problems and ensure that our residents are living in a safe and comfortable environment. Property Managers do on a Weekly Basis – STLiving

2. We understand that effective communication is key to any successful property management, so we make sure to stay in regular contact with our residents. Whether it’s addressing concerns they may have or simply checking in to make sure they’re happy with their living conditions, we believe that open and responsive communication is essential.

3. We are always available to handle any maintenance or repairs that may arise, and we work hard to ensure that these are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. This helps to minimize disruptions from our residents and ensures that the properties we manage remain in excellent condition.

4. We keep on top of rent collection and other financial aspects of the properties is a crucial part of our weekly routine. From managing the collection of rent to paying bills and creating budgets, we make sure that everything is handled in a timely and efficient manner.

5. We are always looking for ways to attract new residents to the properties we manage and keep vacancies to a minimum. Whether through online marketing campaigns or hosting open houses, we work hard to ensure that our properties are always in high demand.